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The Good Shepherd

From the Artist

“One of the earliest experiences in my journey of faith was of the joyful Christ. As a teenager I had my share of confusion and uncertainty about God and the Church. But the thought of Jesus as a friend who had a great love and a heart of total joy for me became a source of comfort and gave me a desire to continue seeking the truth about God. We are provided with so many dimensions of Christ that can lead us to the Father. For me it began with His joy. I continue to imagine the laughter of Jesus and the camaraderie He must have shared with his disciples and the people in the many communities which He visited and with whom He broke bread. In John 10:14 Jesus says: ‘I am the good shepherd, I know my own and my own know me.’ While planning ‘The Good Shepherd,’ my thoughts repeatedly returned to an image of Christ experiencing the young people with a great familiarity. How close He must have been to so many of them, and how abundant their joy must have been when He would return to their community.”

Image area:
16×22 inches
Limited Edition of 2,500

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